Secure Managed Service

Fixed monthly fee to detect and respond to threats in your environment.

  • SecureAudit
  • Penetration test - Vulnerability scanning - Red Team

  • SecureSkills
  • Awareness programme - ESL training - Attack Chain Explained course

  • SecureSolutions
  • Endpoint - Mobile Network - WiFi - SIEM - Next Generation Firewall

An IT security partner you can trust

Securing your company’s IT infrastructure can seem like an insurmountable task. The threat profile keeps changing. The IT infrastructure of companies keeps being developed and renewed. There are constantly new security solutions appearing on the market. What solution best matches your company’s needs? Where is the risk greatest for your company specifically? What needs to be done first? It can be hard to get an overview. Even with skilled internal IT specialists working for the company, IT security requires that you constantly have your eye on the ball and your ears to the ground in order to be aware of the current threats and the best solutions.

Products & Services

With Ezenta’s SecureManagedService, we can assure you that your IT system is running optimally - all the time. We take the burden of being responsible for your company’s IT security off your shoulders. We monitor, update and send reports on the condition of your IT system. We offer various service levels and we are happy to help you in the process of assessing what level is appropriate for your company.
With Ezenta as your consultant, you will be guided so that you get an overview and enough knowledge to evaluate the situation and make decisions on your own concerning your company’s IT security.
At Ezenta, we know what the current threat profile is, and we know how IT criminals think and act. Let us test how the threat profile looks for your company. Read more here about our different kinds of tests and assess for yourself what best matches your company.
Securing a company’s IT systems is a task that requires constant attention. The company’s systems are being developed, and new units are brought on board. At the same time, the threat profile keeps changing. At Ezenta, we help to ensure that your company’s IT systems are secure.
Our employees are among the best in the business, they have experience and they have a huge amount of knowledge on IT security and current threats. We collaborate closely with a large number of skilled and innovative partners and suppliers.
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