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Campaign Pen Test

What is a penetration test?

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a security test of your web applications. We primarily test websites, but also webservices. Bottom line we perform a technical analysis of your website and web services to identify any vulnerabilities which could harm you, your company and also your customers. As one thing you obviously want to avoid hackers from getting access to your customers password, credit card informations etc.

What is a penetration test?

Why is that important?

Your web applications are your face to the surroundings. It is your image, though it is of outmost importance to identify weaknesses before any hackers discovers it. Your web applications often works as front-end to your databases with sensitive data, meaning that a weakness could cause loss of important customer data. In the moment hackers have gained access to your system, you probably have to close down the application or service at least on a temporary basis until the problem is solved. The ever increasing digitization also increase the level of dependency of the services on a 24 by 7 basis, though any unavailability could be critical for you and your customers businesses.

What are the costs and what should be the frequency of the tests?

If you book a penetration test before March 31st 2019 we can offer you a campaign price of DKK 45.000 excl. VAT.

Our recommendation is to perform the test once a year, however we also refer to the recommendations of “Datatilsynet” saying that you as a data responsible or data operator should perform security test on a frequently basis including penetration tests.


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What will you achieve?

What will you achieve?

Through a penetration test you will get any vulnerabilities identified and together we will prioritize the order and methods for remedy. You will get a full report of the results with a ranked list of the vulnerabilities. The report is performed as a technical report as well as an executive report. The executive part is based on headlines and focusing on the potential risks for the business continuity, where the technical part is more detailed about each and every vulnerability and how to remediate it.

What will you achieve?
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