Secure Managed Service

Fixed monthly fee to detect and respond to threats in your environment.

  • SecureAudit
  • Penetration test - Vulnerability scanning - Red Team

  • SecureSkills
  • Awareness programme - ESL training - Attack Chain Explained course

  • SecureSolutions
  • Endpoint - Mobile Network - WiFi - SIEM - Next Generation Firewall

Let Ezenta’s shoulders bear the responsibility!

Let Ezenta’s shoulders bear the responsibility!

Ezenta’s Secure Managed Service is a service that assures you that your IT system is running optimally - all the time. With a Secure Managed Service agreement in place, we take the management for the company’s IT security of your shoulders. You pay a fixed monthly fee and then we monitor, update and send reports on the condition of your IT system.

We offer various service levels and we are happy to help you in the process of assessing what level is appropriate for your company. But you choose your own service level. If a problem can wait until the morning, then we will let the expert get some sleep. If the problem cannot wait, then you will receive immediate assistance from one of our highly competent specialists, no matter what time of day the problem occurs.

  • Support agreement or proactive service
  • Managed Detection & Response
Let Ezenta’s shoulders bear the responsibility!

Ezenta’s support is
your single point of contact

When contacting Ezenta support, you will always meet an IT expert who can assist you.
All of our support staff are used to working with IT and have an extensive knowledge of our solutions.

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