Secure Managed Service

Fixed monthly fee to detect and respond to threats in your environment.

  • SecureAudit
  • Penetration test - Vulnerability scanning - Red Team

  • SecureSkills
  • Awareness programme - ESL training - Attack Chain Explained course

  • SecureSolutions
  • Endpoint - Mobile Network - WiFi - SIEM - Next Generation Firewall


Ezenta provides consultancy services so that you can make safe choices

Good consulting amounts to you as the customer being guided so that you gain an overview and knowledge to evaluate and make decisions on your company’s IT security on you own. For us here at Ezenta, it is all about providing consultancy services and guiding you towards a level of security that fits your specific company’s needs - no more, no less. Our expertise and experience is your guarantee for our consultancy services securing your company, both now and in the future.

At Ezenta, we offer consultancy services to all types of companies, and we have particularly strong experience with manufacturing companies and companies in the financial sector. We have chosen to divide our consultancy services into the following types of products:

  • GRC - Governance - Risk - Compliance
  • Secure Dashboard - a 360 degree overview

The employee’s knowledge -
the company’s security

We offer a diverse range of training programmes so that you can select the exact course that matches the needs of your company.

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