Secure Managed Service

Fixed monthly fee to detect and respond to threats in your environment.

  • SecureAudit
  • Penetration test - Vulnerability scanning - Red Team

  • SecureSkills
  • Awareness programme - ESL training - Attack Chain Explained course

  • SecureSolutions
  • Endpoint - Mobile Network - WiFi - SIEM - Next Generation Firewall


We take stock of your IT security

Trust is good, control is better. That might sound a bit pessimistic. However, you can never be too careful when you are dealing with IT security issues. Ezenta, in collaboration with a number of leading international IT security companies, has developed methods that can test and make sure that your systems, policies and solutions do not contain vulnerabilities, thus ensuring the security of your company’s IT operations.

Ezenta’s employees know the current threat profile and they know how IT criminals think and act. Therefore, they know precisely where the vulnerabilities in your company’s IT security are to be found. We use different tests depending on how the threat profile for your company looks:

  • Penetration test
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Red Team

Solutions that keep your
IT security in great shape

At Ezenta, we want to ensure that your company’s IT systems are secure - both now and in the future

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