Secure Managed Service

Fixed monthly fee to detect and respond to threats in your environment.

  • SecureAudit
  • Penetration test - Vulnerability scanning - Red Team

  • SecureSkills
  • Awareness programme - ESL training - Attack Chain Explained course

  • SecureSolutions
  • Endpoint - Mobile Network - WiFi - SIEM - Next Generation Firewall

Solutions that keep your IT security in great shape

Solutions that keep your IT security in great shape

Securing a company’s IT systems is a task that requires constant attention. The company’s systems are being developed, and new units are brought on board. At the same time, the threat profile keeps changing. The majority of organisations do not have the resources to manage this task by themselves. At Ezenta, we want to ensure that your company’s IT systems are secure - both now and in the future. Therefore, we will only recommend, deliver and implement solutions from the market’s leading and most innovative producers. Their solutions and products are thoroughly tested, allowing us to ensure that the stability, performance and scalability match your company’s needs.

We deliver hardware and software that you can implement yourself, or alternately, we can develop a complete solution for you that includes everything from the design phase, implementation, technical project management and documentation. A SecureSolution from Ezenta may include the following areas:

  • Endpoint
  • Mobile
  • Network 
  • WiFi
  • Cloud
  • Log Management/SIEM (security incident event management)
  • Next Generation Firewall
Solutions that keep your IT security in great shape

Let Ezenta’s shoulders bear
the responsibility

Ezenta’s Secure Managed Service is a service that assures you that your IT system is running optimally - all the time

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